Wireless Networking

Almost everyone enjoys the benefits of wireless networking. It is a great tool and adds a degree of flexibility that is welcome in nearly every environment.

Wireless access is used for everything from computer to smart phone and iPad access to access for printers and any of a number of other devices which don’t require a network cable for network connectivity.

The key details to wireless networking are to make it available throughout the office and to configure it so that it is secure.

Some offices run dual wireless networking systems. This is so that visitors can have access to the internet and perhaps some other resources without otherwise compromising security for the office network.

Security is a key detail. Wireless networking makes it possible for anyone within range to have access your office network. Due to this, unseen individuals may connect to your network. There are a number of tools used to help prevent this kind of unwanted intrusion. The typical configuration of a wireless network often is only the employment of a user name and password for logging on. This is fine as long as the passwords are complex. Other ways to restrict access include using multiple security devices. One example is a USB security key that must be in place to permit wireless access to the office network. Another example is to use the computer’s so-called MAC address to restrict who can log in wirelessly.

The other key detail is reliability. Wireless networking is based on radio signals. What we often see is that in an office environment that so many companies use wireless networking that the network often interfere with each other. The kind of interference works to cancel out the network. There are ways around this problem and the solutions mostly revolve around making sure that your wireless network doesn’t use the same radio channels you’re your neighbors wireless networks use. There are some smart wireless hubs that will switch channels when they detect a neighbor’s wireless network that is interfering with yours.

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