We support SharePoint versions 2003, 2007 and 2010.

SharePoint is collaboration software platform that is designed to help businesses more easily work together.

SharePoint can work as a web site for a selected group and the entire enterprise, at the same time. SharePoint can be used to share information, manage documents, serve communities, and provide the tools for those who want business solutions they can develop in house; all while reducing costs.

SharePoint can be used as a home for Access and SQL databases, and makes it possible to create a web portal for these services.

SharePoint can be used as a means of backing up remote office locations and helping to synchronize data throughout an enterprise.

SharePoint has an option known as Office Web Apps. This is a suite of MS Office related products that are designed to work securely from the web.

SharePoint can empower a company with most of the benefits of a desktop computer, but which is accessed by the web and uses a web interface.

SharePoint makes it possible to give everyone access to information in databases, reports and business applications. It works to help people find the information they need to help make decisions.

SharePoint is very scalable and designed to serve the needs of businesses who need secure public access for employee and client needs.

SharePoint is available from a number of sources. You can utilize SharePoint as a web based service, or as one developed in-house.

If your business has a collection of web sites, ftp sites and other sites used for public and private access, SharePoint can centralize all of this and provide enhanced security, centralized management, and easy development.

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