Server Virtualization

There are new technologies known as VMware and Hyper-V that have come into use to help reduce costs and to accommodate a variety of operating systems and programs that run under them.

These tools are great and a useful addition to the arsenal of tools available to IT. The key use of virtualization is to permit isolation of server based applications, while, at the same time, reducing the amount of physical server hardware.

In some instances a single server running Hyper-V or an equivalent can replace several older servers and even several workstations. In addition, when properly configured, server virtualization makes it possible to very quickly recover in the event of a problem. One can take a virtual server “image” from one server and in moments install and load it in another capable server and have it up and running in short order. This is truly a revolution!

When properly implemented, server virtualization can reduce costs and extend longevity.

The greatest risk of virtualization is to over-use it. That is, to run the services of too many virtual servers on one host. The risk here is that if the one physical server has a problem, all the virtualized servers hosted within may be taken out of service. Finding a practical balance and employing a means to quickly recover from a problem are the keys to success when using this technology

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