Server Management

Most File, Database and Print Servers need little regular maintenance. In most cases they are put in service and run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for about 4-5 years with only occasional interruption.

Service for the server types above may include occasionally adding or removing network resources, users or user access. Backups are typically performed daily. Virus scans should be run weekly and a thorough scan for viruses and spyware should be run 2x per year.

If the server is a Windows Domain Controller, Exchange or Web server, then routine management includes adding or removing users and resources, and configuring permissions for resources as needed.

Exchange servers benefit from a yearly process to defragment Exchange's central database files.

All servers benefit from reviewing the server’s event logs once a month or so. These logs often give early indications of problems.

We often perform periodic maintenance by remote access. When we do this we only charge for the actual time it takes to perform the requested tasks. In addition, when possible we schedule maintenance requiring a restart of the server, or bringing a new server on line for after hours so that it makes for minimal interruption for your staff.

Many of our customers request a monthly review of the server’s event logs, and we are happy to provide this service as well.

If you’d like to reduce the cost of server management, give us a call at 206-763-8874!