Computer and Network Troubleshooting and Repair

We offer a variety of repair services, which includes on-site diagnostics and troubleshooting for:

  • Network Systems: wired and wireless
  • Server and Workstation Computer systems
  • Firewalls/Routers/Junk Mail Filters and related
  • Data recovery

Network Hardware:

We offer expert troubleshooting and fast problem resolution..

Computer Systems:

Sometimes a replacement has to be brought on-line immediately. We will be there to help. We bring a wide variety of parts and tools used to identify and resolve most problems.

When repairs can be done in our shop on non-emergency basis we can save you a lot compared to doing the work on an emergency basis.

We coordinate with the hardware vendor as needed and source the parts for you and then can perform the repairs on site or in our shop.

Data Recovery:

We offer some data recovery using a variety of software programs. If you have damaged drive hardware we’ll refer you off to specialist.

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