Remote Access Solutions

Remote access is a type of technology used by many to access their office desktop or a virtual desktop from outside of the office.

There are a number of ways to get at a desktop or a virtual desktop. Most versions of Windows come with the ability to be a remote desktop host and also to connect to other computers by way of remote desktop connection.

There are services such as GoToMyPC and LogMeIn that have many of the same abilities as the Windows provided services, plus they require few other changes.

The idea of a remote desktop has been broadened to include a virtual desktop. Many companies use virtual desktop technology to run a number of applications. Virtual desktops are commonly run under Windows Terminal Services or Citrix XenDesktop

Security is a noteworthy concern when opening your office to this or any kind of access. Often offices chose to use a Virtual Private Network or VPN for access from outside the office. A VPN adds security to help restrict access to your office. There are a variety of these and they differ in the degree of complexity used to enforce security, as well as the number of concurrent users they support.

There are a number of subtle and not so subtle differences between these solutions. And there are options in addition to the ones listed above. The best approach is to let us discuss your goals and we can help you to quickly assemble the right tools for the job.

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