Managing a Growing Network

Growing companies tend to implement and expand networks in reaction to urgent needs. This approach often leads to some unintended bottlenecks that appear over time.

When you install a new piece of computer equipment consider its likely use over the next 4 to 5 years which is the standard service life for most computer equipment.

Common items on computers that often get added during a computer’s service life includes RAM memory and drive storage.

Common network items include faster switches or switches that have more ports, servers with greater capacity and broadband bandwidth.

Adding security and anti-virus measures is commonplace.

Adding backup capability almost always happens on the heels of a costly accident. Telecommuting by way of a VPN or Remote Access is also very popular. These tools make it possible to access a workstation or server from remote locations. In turn, this kind of access brings greatly increased productivity and cost savings.

For organizations with many offices, installing SharePoint 2010 can greatly help consolidate nearly all kinds of data and maintain both public and private web spaces. This kind of communication tool can really spark interaction among co-workers who were formerly separated by different offices.

If you plan for additions such as these from the outset you will ultimately save your company a lot of cost, and will make it possible to more greatly increase productivity from the outset.

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