Data Backups

Backups are a tool to help recover from accidental deletion or hardware failure. There are a variety of schemes for performing backups. The key goal is to maintain regularly updated copies of important files. The sources for these files may be from a workstation or a server.

We select backup related technologies to achieve cost efficiency, reliability and to automate process whenever possible. One of our key solutions is to provide a file by file backup whenever possible. There are two key reasons for this approach. The first is that it is far quicker than backing up everything every day, and the second reason is that it takes a lot less drive space. Plus, when a restore is needed, recovery is very quick. There are also techniques to mirror data between drives or servers, provide off-site backup, backup to external drives.

There are also a number of backup devices available. Tape drives were a standard for some time in the past but in in recent years drives have gotten faster, smaller, and able to hold far more data. Due to this it is now possible to store terabytes of data in something about the size of a paperback book. Because of this change, using external drives for backup has become a standard.

Microsoft Windows desktop and server platforms provide backup software that serves many applications but has some limitations.

Symantec offers backup options for Windows Servers and Server platforms such as Exchange that are designed as enterprise wide backup schemes.

We have developed a number of designs that take advantage of the technologies needed to accomplish a variety of backup related needs.

We can automate almost the entire process.

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