Consulting Services

TSL Systems Consulting provides consultation on all aspects of IT solutions for small and mid-sized companies.

Our initial consultation and reports are free of cost. This gives you the opportunity to to meet and find out how we can best serve your needs. We typically provide a detailed report after our meeting. Our goal is always to provide Excellent, prompt and professional Service to our clients.

Because we’ve been in this business over 23 years, we have learned to listen closely to the needs of our clients. Businesses have vastly differing needs and dynamics in how their networks work.

Network design, installation, maintenance, enhancements, and problem solving are the core of what we do.

We provide direct answers to your questions. We are pragmatic. We will help you get excellent values on your computer and network equipment purchases. We know from years of experience which vendors provide reliable equipment and after sale support.

We don't sell a lot of hardware. Instead, we put you in touch with vendors that can offer great pricing. This is a unique approach, and as a result hardware is typically less expensive. As a recent example, a customer needed 2 new computers. We recommended they buy the Dell brand and by use of some contacts we have at Dell, we were able to save the customer over $500 per computer, compared to the costs listed at Dell’s web site.

As was the case in the in the example above, we strive to save you as much as possible, whenever possible. That is part of the value we bring to you.

Give us a call at 206-763-8874. You’ll be pleased by the many ways we can help!