We perform upgrades on most computers and work with most server, workstation, and notebook platforms.

Upgrades are a low cost way to increase the performance of a computer and helps to extend the service life.

Common upgrades are RAM memory and drives. Upgrading a video card has become more frequent as people add dual monitors and use high resolution graphics. Often we setup an external drive for use as a backup and also provide greater drive performance through a variety of technologies.

With the recent addition of Gigabit networking, we have seen an increase in Gigabit capable network adapter cards.

Sometimes an OS upgrade or reinstall is a good idea. We can tell you if it is a good solution for your circumstance.

  • For critical servers and workstations, it is a good idea to replace the cooling fans and power supplies after about 4 years and for notebook computers it is a good idea to replace the cooling fan(s) after 3 years.

Software upgrades

We can schedule upgrades or updates for software on your network for times when it will not be an obstacle to the work day. Software updates can sometimes be a troublesome experience and we can help to take away the problems that be part of this process.


Give us a call at 206-763-8874 if you’re thinking of an upgrade for 1 computer or for an office.